Everything's happening

My last day at Corporate Job is October 4 and on October 5 I get on a plane to Berlin.

With friend, colleague and digital strategist extraordinaire, Kendra Shillington I'll be attending the Next Berlin Service Design Conference on October 8. Then we'll work our way across northern Europe ending in Paris for the Service Design Global Conference October 28-30.

If you asked me two weeks ago how I'd be spending October 2012 I'd have made vague references to "research," catching up on Mad Men and Breaking Bad, and Haunted Houses. That's how I spend Octobers; the weather cools and I go inside, make hot food and venture out primarily for Halloween-related activities.

This year's going to be a bit different. Berlin, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Paris. As yet unknown stops in between. A beautiful blend of business and pleasure. Education and experience. Work, play, FUN. 

Which is ultimately what I'm working to achieve. I no longer want to live my life with such a sharp distinction between work and fun. I believe in the idea behind work/life balance, but can you really separate your work from your life? Everything you do makes up your life, whether you like it or not. I want work to contribute to the fun and  fulfillment of my life. I don't want to wait until I'm done working to have fun. By the time I'm done working, I'm too tired for fun.

October's going to be pretty freakin' fun.