Bad Blogger!

I've been far too busy doing stuff and getting over jetlag to be a good blogger, so I'm being a bad blogger instead.

Berlin was great. The NEXT Berlin Service Design Conference was excellent. I got to meet and had plenty of time to talk with people I'd been tweeting with over the past year, and they were as amazing and interesting and smart and fun as I could ever have hoped. To finally be in an environment where people were talking about service design was amazing, especially after the past two years of skepticism and/or blank looks when I bring it up. 

Berlin was mostly a blur. Jet lag wasn't what I was expecting. More like coming out of anesthesia for five days than just being tired. I was awake and felt alert, but I don't remember a lot of it.

I definitely didn't get everything I could have out of Berlin, but that's ok. I had beer and sausage and a pretzel and went to Oktoberfest-lite at Alexanderplatz (sp?). All in all a fun time, but I only saw about 1% of the city and definitely want to go back and see much more.

I'm not letting the same thing happen in Copenhagen. I feel like I'm home here. The city is beautiful, the weather has been bright and sunny, people know how to spell my name, the food is healthy and delicious and the shopping is spectacular.

I bought a top from a woman who makes all the clothes at her workstation in the back of her shop. She was sewing and her 3 year old daughter was coloring across the table from her and they were listening to and singing along with the Beatles. Her mother supplies knitted socks to the shop and her mother-n-law, knitted cowls. I can't imagine anywhere like this in the US. I loved the vibe of the shop and we very happy to find a beautiful top that I'm pretty sure I will wear to shreds.

Tonight is Kulturenatten (Culture Night), where a ton of museums and theaters and other areas of cultural interest are open from 6-12 pm (some later!). Tomorrow we're going to Tivoli Gardens for their Halloween festival. Sunday is not yet spoken for and then we leave for Amsterdam on Monday. 

I'll post pictures later. I'm losing the day and I want to get out.

Later dudes. xoxo