Laura Andersen


With the ever increasing commoditization of products and services, the key to differentiating yourself to your desired constituents is in the experience you provide them through the entirety of their engagement with you. Great experience are not accidental - they are intentionally designed and delivered.  

I help companies and organizations improve their customer experience using a service design approach; providing an actionable road map to implementing meaningful changes that positively impact reach, retention and profitability. I focus on uncovering real impediments to desired service delivery, working to influence a responsible, sustainable culture.

In March 2013, I hosted the Twin Cities Service Jam, part of the Global Service Jam network of events. Forty Jammers participated in developing new products and services, using a service design approach, over a long weekend. In just 48 hours, 7 teams went from inspiration through ideation to working prototype, creating innovative business models and social platforms, which they shared with the world at Planet Jam. I look forward to bringing further Global Jam events to the Twin Cities later this year. If you're interested in helping out, drop me a line and get involved. 

Prior to my current gig, I was a customer experience designer with Wells Fargo, working to improve the multichannel insurance buying experience. I have 15 years of experience in digital marketing, user experience, content strategy and information architecture. For details, please check out my resume

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